Our Network

Ernesto Gluecksmann

Ernesto is a partner in Infamia where he leads a team of website developers, system administrators and other media professionals in advising and implementing online marketing and member communications campaigns. His team specializes in supporting communication professionals by addressing complex digital technology issues so that clients can focus on what matters most – delivering their message.

Jon Tilton

Jon is the founder of Group Health Worldwide, which provides issues management, digital communications and social media strategy for clients ranging from national trade associations to corporate brands. Jon previously led digital and marketing strategy at TogoRun and oversaw digital and social media accounts for MXM Social (New Media Strategies), the digital marketing arm of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing.

Bobby Spero

Bobby Spero has 10 years of experience in the creative field. From freelance videography and photography to live event production, he has had a range of clients in the government, private, commercial, and nonprofit fields, such as WGL, UN Foundation, and Samsung. His background experience and key skills include developing compelling content, designing creative deliverables, and offering innovative and strategic approaches to branding and identity creation.